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marriage bed symbol

Friday, May 18, 2018

CTC Night (At Home!) - Picnic

The kids are finishing up school and Summer is approaching. This means one of the prettiest times of the year and great time to be outdoors.

So, if you're stuck at home, have small kids, broke, on a tight budget, or having trouble getting a sitter, have a picnic in your back yard! or front yard, or some place close you can find a small patch of grass.

Set up the baby monitor and spend an hour or two of quality time together.

Lay out a picnic blanket, break out the cooler or that wicker picnic basket you got for your wedding.

Some food ideas could be the classic fried chicken, corn and mashed potatoes or how about a soft cheese, baguette, olives, hard cured meats, some watermelon slices and a bottle of sparkling cider or grape juice.

To add to the fun, (even if you're terrible at it and can only draw stick figures) get a couple sketch pads and pencils or pieces of paper and some of the kids crayons and do your best sketch of each other.

Happy Dating!

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