marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Sunday, March 5, 2017

CTC Night at Home – The Sacred Garden

Hello all you married nature lovers out there! Here’s your date night for the week – plant a garden together.

Now, I realize some of you may not find gardening all that romantic. You may want to consider the following:

-          The act of getting in the dirt is a very sensual activity – soft soil between your fingers, connecting to the earth, feeling the energy of the soil…

-          Getting your hands dirty together is healthy – according to Dr. Josh Axe in the book, “Eat Dirt”, those who garden (whether or not anything even grows) have a healthier digestive system than those who don’t, along with lots of other benefits (2016, 109) Concerning gardening, President Spencer W Kimball said 
     "Should evil times come, many might wish they had filled all their fruit bottles and cultivated a garden in their backyards and planted a few fruit trees and berry bushes and provided for their own commodity needs." [1]
-          Planting seeds can be a very low-cost activity – some money for potting soil, an old five-gallon bucket or pot, a packet of seeds, some plant food, and some water is all you need to start
-          Just planning a garden can make for a great date – even just planning can be fun. Let your imagination go. What will grow in your area? Do you have a sunny yard? A patio? Room for a pot or two of herbs? What are your favorites? 

-          The Square Foot Gardening website offers a free mini-class here:

Other gardening videos can be found at YouTube and other sites.
-          Absolutely not the gardening type at all? Then make a date of ‘forest bathing’ instead, or in other words, take a good old-fashioned walk in a beautiful place in nature and just breathe in lots of fresh air and talk together. Good for body and soul and intimacy.

Happy dating!

1. Kimball, Spencer W., God Will Not Be Mocked, Nov. 1974,

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