marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Thursday, February 18, 2016

CTC Night (Not always at home) - Go To Hotel?

Happy continue-the-courtship night!

When my wife and I were young newlyweds - with small children, we looked for every date idea under the sun to help not only keep our commitment to continue dating, but also to find new and interesting ideas to keep it fun and fresh.

While in our search, the best dating advice we received as a married couple was to make sure we set aside a fund in our budget to regularly go alone as a couple to a hotel.

Every couple needs this and it is attainable for any couple. A few dollars each month adds up, and as soon as you have $100 saved up, go. It doesn't have to be an expensive hotel. In fact, I will pass on to you some free experience. Out of all the hotels we've stayed at (including the Hilton), the Comfort Inn was the best. It's reasonably affordable, they're in every town, they're clean, safe, free breakfast, have Wifi, and we couldn't hear our neighbors. If any of you have stayed at nice places, go ahead and mention that here to help out other couples.

This is an opportunity for you as a couple to get away, not have to clean, worry about messes, or children walking in on you, or wearing clothes, and no noise. You can take a bath or shower or both together and take your time. It's like a mini-vacation where you both are free to relax into each others arms and talk or watch a movie.

I also recommend planning to do it regularly, so you both don't feel rushed. Avoid the trauma of feeling like you have to do everything  in one night because you don't know when the next time will be that you'll be able to do it again. Don't do that to yourselves

I also recommend not making each other wait until your anniversary.  Once a year is just not enough.

Mentally pick what you want to do, and relax knowing that you'll get to try the next time what you didn't have time to do this time. This will make for a much less stressful evening for the both of you.

Your eternal marriage is worth it. Happy Dating!