marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Thursday, February 4, 2016

CTC Night - At Home: A Lovely Secret Treasure

Happy continue the courtship night.

This weeks idea: surprise your spouse with a treasure hunt. 

Make a set clues and try rhyming the clues for fun. Each clue should leadto the next one and, finally, to the treasure.

Seal the clues in envelopes or in treats or prized that each clue leads them to. These can be a small toy, an IOU for a movie or romantic bath or date of their choice, a small box of chocolate, maybe a cache of coins (regular or chocolate); whatever you do make sure the clues lead to the bedroom.

Once they reach their final clue in the bedroom, let that be whatever your spouse has been longing for - a foot rub, letting them try out something intimate they've been dying to try with you, cuddle time, reading them a fun story, or watching a romantic drama.

You can also make it a full blown out candles, rose petals on the bed, music - the works!

Happy Dating!