marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Monday, February 29, 2016

Profanity Or Swearing In the LDS Marriage Bed?

I wanted to point this article out because I felt (in many ways) it pertains to our intimate relationship as LDS married couples.

Often I receive questions about what is or is not appropriate sexually in marriage, as well as what kind of language is appropriate to use in our sacred sexually-intimate interactions with our spouses.

Something that stood out to me in what Elder Brewerton said was “Profane words never edify.”

The same could be said for profane erotic material and profane activities with our spouses.

To more fully understand, it helps to look at the word “edify”.  To edify means to build. It means to strengthen someone’s moral, religious and intellectual character. [i]

Words (whatever they may be) can have different meanings in different cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and even within our immediate families. With the exception of the irreverent use of the name of Deity, to say “this word is bad in every circumstance and for everyone” is not possible to do.

What we’ve found ourselves asking as a married couple is...

“Is the use of this word, or is this activity, edifying our marriage or profaning it?” 

This question can be an effective filter for those things that may harm our eternal relationship. (see also my article: “Don’t Erotic Words Offend The Spirit?” [ii])

As you contemplate this as a couple, I hope you will also consider what Elder Ted E Brewerton says in this talk "Profanity and Swearing"


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