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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sex Toys In The LDS Marriage Part 10 of 11

 WARNING: This post contains a topic of a sacred sexual nature and is intended for married couples only. Reader discretion is advised.
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 I don’t feel safe buying a sex toy – I don’t want to go to an adult store and have someone see me, or get profane ads in the mail, or be exposed to unwanted profane images or materials online.

This is a valid concern, but there are a number of more discreet boutiques online now, that are at least Christian in nature, where a couple can investigate different toys and buy one without encountering profane pictures or materials. 

Simply Sweet Marriage ( is a good example of a place to start. A great feature about this website is (in addition to no profane images) they give a description of each marital intimacy aid, what it's for, and how it would be used. 
Or you can Google ‘Christian sex toys’ and find a wide variety of websites to safely peruse such as Covenant Spice,and The Pure Bed.

Even Amazon has sex toys available if you have your eye on one and want to see if you can get it cheaper. If you indicate to the buyer during the order that you want no sales flyers or advertising for additional products under any circumstances, you should have no trouble. 

I realize it's a big concern for parents to order something of a sexual nature on line only to have their children surprised later by flyers of a sexual nature arriving in the mail.  It’s in the vendor's best interest to honor their customers’ requests. They know that if they do not, customers will not buy from them again. If they do send mailings, be sure to let others know  in your online review. 

 The church however discourages patronizing these brick and mortar establishments and for good reason. To patronize these places would be supporting the profane erotic industry. I have found that many of these places have also been lax is allowing minors into their stores. 

“Avoid places where pornography is believed to exist.” A Church-produced pamphlet, How Can I Help in the Fight Against Pornography? (stock no. PXPC3751)

Should you as a couple decide to exercise your agency to visit a sex toy shop, pay cash. The store will use your credit card information or personal check information to mail you flyers or sell your address so other vendors can mail you sexual aid flyers. Also, be aware that these places are wall to wall images of profane nude images and many have a monitor up showing profane erotic films.

If your situation has a particular need or if you want a second opinion on a particular marital aid, or you would like help with recommendations, feel free to contact me personally by email, or instant message me on the LDS Marriage Bed Facebook page. Those conversations are kept confidential to protect the sanctity of your marital intimacy.

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