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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sex Toys In The LDS Marriage Conclusion

 WARNING: This post contains a topic of a sacred sexual nature and is intended for married couples only. Reader discretion is advised.

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I don’t know how to use or handle sex toys safely.

This is another valid point. There are many different kinds to choose from, depending on what stimulation you’d like to try.

Don’t be afraid to try different kinds that look interesting to you. Some general safety guidelines concerning sex toys could be the following:

  • Make sure you clean them after each use.

  • Many toys are porous, which means they hold some body material after use. Toys that are used in the vaginal area should not be used in the anal area, because germs from the rectum and colon can stay on the toy, and then be introduced into the vaginal area allowing harmful bacteria the chance to overwhelm and cause irreversible damage to the female reproductive system. This potentially can even lead to bacterial scarring of the fallopian tubes which can lead to sterility. This is a major word of wisdom issue. Either keep vaginal and  toys used in the rectum separate from each other, or use a condom on the toy when it’s being used in the anal area, to help keep things clean. 

Some of these marital intimacy aids are expensive. Here are some tips I found for keeping your intimate equipment properly cared for.

- Silicone toys: wash with soapy water. These clean easily. 

-Hard plastic toys: Don't get battery cases wet. If it has seames and grooves, use soapy water and a    toothbrush when cleaning.

 -Hard rubber toys:Use a cloth and soapy water to clean. You can use alcohol to sterilize, but do not use bleach.

- Cyberskin toys, you must use a condom on them. These are very porous and expensive. Even after use with a condom, wash them with light soapy solution (dish soap is fine), pat them dry and (only after you are sure they are completely dry) dust them with corn starch - don't put baby powder on them.

-On waterproof sex toys, be sure to check the "O" ring gasket on the battery compartment periodically and replace if necessary. You may be able to find replacements at your local hardware store. 

-Ben Wa Balls: Great for strengthening your kegel/PC muscles, but still need to be kept clean. These can just be washed with soapy water and pat or air dry.

- Silicone toys: These can be boiled to clean and sterilize. You can also wash them in your dishwasher.

For easiest cleanup and protection of you and your spouse, I highly recommend covering your sex toys with condoms during each use. This is not an endorsement, but most times you can get a handful of condoms for free in the lobby of planned parenthood. So don't think you have to spend a fortune on condoms.

  • Sex toys can attract young children and their natural curiosity can get them in trouble – if you’re going to keep sex toys in the house, keep them locked up or in another discreet hiding place.

  • As your kids get older, it’s all right to talk to your kids and let them know you have such devices in the house, and to tell them to keep away. Parents should periodically talk to their children about such topics, to help alleviate their curiosity and inform them about their own sexuality and the proper time and place to express those God-given feelings. Help them see sexuality as something not only sacred, but something to look forward to in marriage.

When it comes to sexuality in marriage, we need to be sure we’re basing beliefs on the true doctrines of the gospel, and not the wider worldly cultural beliefs that too often try to infiltrate and twist our lives and beliefs.

The Lord wants us to be happy together in marriage – not miserable, not living a half-life of no feeling or desire, and not living separately as roommates. While you’re taking steps toward becoming ‘one flesh’[i], consider if sex toys could be part of that exploration for your specific marriage.

[i] Genesis 2:24

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