marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, July 31, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- Like Putty In My Hands

Happy Continue-The-Courtship Night!

Actually...exactly like putty.

For tonight's date night idea, go out and buy some modeling clay. Get a sitter, put the kids to bed early, or help each other set them up with their favorite distraction.

Break out the modeling clay and make something together. Sculpt each other, or a favorite part of each other, or a favorite plant or animal, or place, or General Authority....whatever, you make the rules together, but decide on a single subject.

When you're done, practice listening, by allowing your spouse to share what they sculpted and why it's their favorite thing. Agree to make it a "safe zone" by agreeing to not judge or ridicule, mock or make fun of the other's thoughts and ideas so your spouse can feel emotionally safe to express themself.

Continue this habit into your daily lives and see what wonders it does in the marriage bed.

Happy Dating!