marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Thursday, July 23, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- Truth or Dare

Happy Continue-The-Courtship night!

You heard me...truth-or-dare. Does it bring back memories from when you were a kid.

When was the last time you played it as husband and wife? Now is your chance. Make it as sexual, sensual, or simple as you like. You have permission.

How to play?

Find something to distract the children for two hours. Lock yourselves in your room.

Each spouse, write your own or do a google search for 10 truth or dare questions. 

On the bed, flip a coin to see who goes first. The winner asks "Truth or Dare"?

The other spouse chooses.

If they choose "truth" you can ask something like "do you get nervous holding hands in public?"

If they choose "dare", give them a task to do such as whisper sexy things into your ear, or let you cut their hair or paint their nails, or wash their hair, or something they haven't tried before.

Remember, this is just for the two of you. Your truth-or-dare should not involve other people or be outside the confines of your room.

Happy Dating!