marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, April 17, 2015

C-T-C Night (At Home) -- Nude Model

I find that many of the sexual things the world labels as "dirty" are so because they are executed outside of marriage.

Sadly, the world teaches us that "unless it's dirty" it has no value, because it loses its excitement and fun. A further insult to these sacred activities (reserved for marriage) is when people label them "dirty" even in marriage.

Many sexual activities are not only acceptable in marriage, but are wholesome tools for bonding a man and a woman mentally and spiritually for eternity.

Tonight's date idea is one of those:

Get artsy! You may not be Van Gogh or Rembrandt, but chances are there's some sort of artistic talent lurking inside of you. Spend a night indoors together sketching each other and learning something new all at once.

Use construction paper and crayons if that's all you have - doesn't have to be complicated or professional-level.If you're lucky, your sweetie may even consider posing nude for you!

If your spouse is uncomfortable with the idea, address those concerns. This is a great opportunity to address body issues, self-esteem, and  beliefs, as well as how to keep activities such as this sacred.

Be sure to ask first. Coercion takes the fun out of any activity. Remember, it's supposed to bond - not separate.

Happy Dating!