marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, May 8, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- ROLE R3V3RSAL

HAPPY CONTINUE - THE - COURTSHIP NIGHT! What an exciting time to be married.

This date idea is definitely one of my favorites for intimacy, marital team building, and practicing good communication skills in the bedroom. I do not recommend this date idea if you are having significant communication challenges in your marriage. Those need to be resolved before attempting this date idea.


Tonight (after you put the kids to bed early) the spouse with the lower sex drive will take on the role of the initiator.

Try something different and imitate your higher-sex-drive spouse (not in a mean way, but in a fun loving way). Show your spouse how they behave to you when they initiate sex and then show them how you would like to be approached and warmed up for sex.

To the higher-sex-drive spouse, take on the role of your lower-sex drive eternal companion. Show them how they behave when you try to approach them and then show them how you would like to be approached.

Thoughtfully take the time to discuss what you are experiencing and stop to carefully listen and try to understand the other. Restate back what was said to be sure your interpretation is what they actually meant. Agree not to make fun of the other spouse. Respect their viewpoint and try to understand.

Practice hugging each other until you can both relax into each other's arms. This helps build personal self-esteem, develops trust and self-confidence. When you can obtain this, it can lead to the best sex of your life.

Happy Dating!

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