marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Thursday, April 9, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- New-Sexual Touch

Here's a meaningful and wholesome courtship night idea!

Dr. David Schnarch in his book Passionate Marriage said, "Married couples who don't play with each other's genitals often play with each other's minds instead."

Sexual touch is so very vital for a healthy marriage. Most husbands will admit the most direct way to communicate love to them is to acknowledge and play with their genitals. Since they come from this paradigm, men will focus on their wives' genitals, fully hoping their wives will want to mirror their love language.

However, most wives will complain that their husbands focus on their genitals, and ignore the rest of their body.

For tonight's at-home date, find an appropriate distraction for your children, or put them to bed and lock yourselves in your room.

Without clothing, spend the next two hours touching and exploring anywhere except each other's genitals. If it leads to heavier things, that's okay, but try to spend this time just focusing on all the other "non-sexual" parts of the other's body. Make it a game to see how long you can resist.

While you engage in this exercise, try this topic of discussion:

"What do you imagine the eternities will look like? If you had your say in exactly how it would be designed, what would you want the eternal world you'll live in to look like?"

Happy Dating!

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Latter-Day Marriage said...

I tried this, and found out that my wife doesn't have any non-sexual parts. :)