marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, April 3, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- Feed her well

Happy Continue-The-Courtship Night!

I learned that in Japan, young women can hire some of their favorite movie stars to go on a date with them.

In an interview with the actor they asked him "What do you do on a date with these girls?"

He answered "Oh, regular stuff. We eat, we talk. Nothing sexual."

He went on to tell that the young women will come with slips of paper, containing a request of one thing they would really like to do with him. The actor said that his number one request was that they feed each other.

Some of you may not find that romantic, but some of you might.

So, for tonight's at-home date idea, the husband is to make (or provide) dinner for his wife. Once you are able to distract the kids for a couple of hours, feed each other dinner.

To help conversation on this date, ask each other " If you had no limit of money or time, where would you travel to, and why?"

Happy Dating!

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