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Friday, March 6, 2015

C-T-C Night (At Home) -- Plan A Vacation

For tonight's totally free stuck-at-home date night idea:

Plan a vacation | FREE
If you think about it, we only get to keep those babies for such a short time. Each day we lose them as they go through each stage of the growing process. Every moment with them is precious.

SO, in the process of our busy lives - finishing our degrees, taking care of our employers - it's important to take time and plan some quality outings together. You could almost argue that the anticipation up to a vacation provides as much enjoyment as the vacation itself. So why not start planning one?

Even if it will be two years away, it is still something to look forward to and will get here sooner than you know it. There are a million vacation related sites to get your brain churning and help you get ideas. Once you figure out where and when, start budgeting for it!

Happy Dating!


Anonymous said...

Coach Sam,

How will Google's decision to disallow public blogs with mature content affect your ability to continue publishing this blog?

My wife and I look forward to your posts each week. We have tried several of your Continue the Courtship ideas and have frequently used your articles s party of our companionship studies. We would be very disappointed if you were forced away from creating this excellent resource for LDS couples.

CoachSam said...

Dear Anon Mar. 10,

Thank you for reading and for your question.

I reviewed the notification from Blogger and it doesn't appear to affect my site.

They seem mostly concerned with those blogs that are posting and promoting profane erotic images, writing and video.

My site does not and will not entertain any of those. However, it also depends on the Blogger owner's definitions of reality.

If they suddenly decide that education on married sexual health falls in their definition of "pornography", then my site may be in danger.

Until then, it doesn't appear that my articles qualify for Blogger censorship.

I will continue to publish regardless of what Blogger's decision is.