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marriage bed symbol

Friday, March 27, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- Try Not To Laugh

This really fun date night idea comes courtesy of


You will need:
*Take out dinner
*Put the kids to bed early
*pencil and paper
*joke books
*Digital camera (optional)
*a good memory

When was the last time you and your spouse shared a good laugh? If it's your turn to plan the date, plan a comedy-themed date with the goal to laugh all evening. Before your date, ask your spouse to collect silly jokes and think of funny childhood memories to share at dinner. Let them know that you will be doing the same. 

For more laughs during your meal, play the straight-faced game – see who can hold their serious expression without laughing first. Try it multiple times: Winner gets a big bite off the other’s plate! If you are able to get a sitter and dine out and  you don’t care about the other diners watching your silliness, sit side-by-side so you can take photos of yourselves making the goofiest faces.

If you try this date, send me your selfies at and I'll post them here to help get other married couples excited about making their marriages an eternally great one. 

Happy Dating!

Check them out for other great date night ideas too. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

CTC Night (At Home) -- Lovers Bee

Happy Continue The Courtship Night all you married lovers out there!

When planning for date night, it's good you both understand some ground rules to ensure your time together is as productive toward building your eternal marriage as well as keeping it fun.
The National Healthy Marriage Institute (, 2006,1) offers these rules:


It is critical that you commit to making your dates,  a conflict free time zone. The reason why you are going on the date is to strengthen your relationship and fighting will only damage it. As soon as you feel a conflict coming on take a time out, commit to discussing the issue at a specific time in the future and immediately start a trip down memory lane by sharing some of your favorite memories you have had together.


There is plenty of time in the week to discuss problems. While you are on a date should never be one of those times. Dating is a time for having fun and strengthening your relationship.


Get out of your comfort zone so you can create memories that will last a life time.

That being said: if you are stuck at home because you have small children and/or on a tight budget, you could try this idea:

Make a blanket or quilt together. Find some old clothes, baby clothes, extra baby blankets, worn out sweats, jeans or shirts. Cut them into 6" squares and sew them together to make a patchwork quilt. It's fun and is great for starting a conversation.

Doesn't sound appealing to you guys? here's a tip: the #1 aphrodisiac for women is conversation - especially if you can make her laugh. Here's your chance.

Happy Dating!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

C-T-C Night (At Home) -- Cooking Up Some Love

Happy Continue-The-Courtship Night! My favorite day of the week. A weekly holiday to celebrate eternal marriage.

Trouble finding/affording a sitter? Stuck at home? Try this date night idea:

Birthdays and special occasions are coming. Now is a good time to get out the aprons and fire up the skillet for a night of cooking — for both of you.

Learn how to cook each other's favorite meal, and then do it together. Whether you end up with a delicious steak and tuna casserole for two or speed-dialing for Chinese takeout; you're guaranteed to enjoy the process. 

When I was in college, one of my professors taught me that I should read and make the recipes in a new cookbook each month. There are some amazing cookbooks out there at discount bookstores or even at the thrift store. You'd be surprised at the recipe treasures people toss away. 

YouTube is  another place to learn exotic recipes for free!

The video is of one of my favorites. TIP: Asian Indian recipes (especially those made with tumeric) are very good for sexual health

Happy Dating!

Friday, March 6, 2015

C-T-C Night (At Home) -- Plan A Vacation

For tonight's totally free stuck-at-home date night idea:

Plan a vacation | FREE
If you think about it, we only get to keep those babies for such a short time. Each day we lose them as they go through each stage of the growing process. Every moment with them is precious.

SO, in the process of our busy lives - finishing our degrees, taking care of our employers - it's important to take time and plan some quality outings together. You could almost argue that the anticipation up to a vacation provides as much enjoyment as the vacation itself. So why not start planning one?

Even if it will be two years away, it is still something to look forward to and will get here sooner than you know it. There are a million vacation related sites to get your brain churning and help you get ideas. Once you figure out where and when, start budgeting for it!

Happy Dating!