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Friday, February 13, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- A Walkening

Hello all you married lovers out there.

This stuck at home –because-of-small-children- date idea is courtesy of Redbook.


Pick out your favorite park, High School track or just walk your neighborhood. Put the babies in a stroller and walk. For a little extra privacy (so you can freely talk) put some headphones on the kids with their favorite music.

It’s good exercise, gets you some fresh air and allows time for some open talking and touching.

BUT, before you go...

According to a straw poll, 70% of couples end a date with a romp in the sack. Some couples recommend that having sex before the date begins helps the couple to “ease into date mode.”

You don’t have to do it every time, but making love beforehand takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on the pleasure of being together. For a guy especially, it takes the stress off of whether he’ll get sex or not.

Making love beforehand releases endorphins and oxytocin that allows the husband to relax, improves his mood and may help him be more focused on making his wife feel good. It also makes him more open to talking and sharing his feelings.

According to Redbook “when you’ve made the sex connection, you’re more physically receptive to each other during your date. Take advantage of this heightened awareness with little touches – caressing each other’s fingers, stealing unexpected kisses, and rubbing shoulders or linking arms as you walk together – to keep you bonded”

Happy Dating!


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Latter-Day Marriage said...

Very true about being intimate first. Even grocery shopping feels like a date when you are still in afterglow.