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Friday, February 6, 2015

CTC NIGHT (At Home) -- Games Lovers Play


If you're here, it's probably because you have small children, are on a tight budget,  stuck at home for some reason, or just plain ran out of ideas. 

You are the ones I write these date ideas for, because you really care about your marriage and are willing to do what it takes to make it one that will withstand the test of eternity

Here are four sexy, fun game ideas (that I would only recommend to married couples) - courtesy of

1. Truth or Dare
Write out five dares -- anything from trying on a sexy outfit to a silly stunt -- on separate pieces of paper. Place them in a bowl. Now take turns asking each other naughty questions, such as, "What's the most unusual place you've ever wanted to have sex?" If you don't answer, dip into the pot and select a dare.

2. Forfeit
Bring treats into the bedroom that have small, easy-to-write-with nozzles, like frosting, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Write a sexy word on your partner's body. If they guess the word correctly, they get a small taste of the treat. If they guess wrong, they pay a forfeit by swapping places with you. 

3. Wish List
You both think of three intimate things you've always wanted to try and then write them down on separate pieces of paper. Fold them (marked with your initials) and mix 'em up. Take turns drawing out one of the other's wishes, agreeing in advance to at least give it a try.

4. What Is It?
Your partner lies down blindfolded. You lubricate different parts of your body -- fingers, chin, tip of the nose, chest, and so on. You then touch your partner in various places. They have to guess which body part it is. If they guess correctly, you perform an act with that body part that only pleases them.

Happy Dating!


Anonymous said...

What is your thoughts on Sexting? My husband and I have been doing it every so often (pictures back and forth) and for us I have found it has strengthened our relationship greatly. Is there a rule on this? I asked him why he loved it so much and why he feels closer to me and his response was, "you are in a way serving me unselfishly". He further explained that it's like I made him a wonderful homemade meal just for him (can you tell his love laugauge is service, lol). Would love your thoughts :-) Lisa

CoachSam said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for reading and for your question.

Is there anything in church doctrine or the scriptures that would suggest a husband and wife sexting each other would in any way displease the Lord or make you unworthy?

If this is what you meant, then the answer In fact, I believe this would even qualify under the category of continuing your courtship in your marriage. This is repeatedly encouraged by our General Authorities.

There is one caveat that you may want to be aware of, however.

While sexting is a sacred form of erotica - when kept between spouses - it will quickly become profane erotica should someone else view your conversations or see those images.

I personally don't recommend it because of the risk of hackers obtaining and exploiting that information.

Any form of technology can be hacked into. The only thing keeping you and your husband's pictures from being hacked at the moment is lack of interest on the part of the hacker(s).

That could someday change. The results would be highly embarrassing in the least case, and in the worst cases, tragic and devastating.

Perhaps you could both delete the pictures immediately and not save them. Never send them through email - especially through a work email.

Never ever post such pictures on the Internet, even in a place you feel would be 'safe'. There is no 'safe' place for such things online.

Just food for thought. I don't want to discourage you from doing those things that make your marriage sexy and fun.

Just please be careful and protect yourself as much as possible - and above all, let the Holy Spirit guide.

Anonymous said...

These ideas don't work so well with an inhibited and/or sexually-conservative wife. Even talking about sex makes her feel "pressured." I know of many divorced women who would love to play these games and get it on! Ugh! Sometimes marriage just plain sucks!

CoachSam said...

Dear Anon July 10,

I hear you and there is still hope. Conflict in marriage is actually a blessing. Without it, there can be no intimacy.

When a couple learn to be selfless, and work together to overcome those conflicts, you both win and it will strengthen your bonds.

A marriage cannot exist with selfishness. In addition, no one gets married to be celibate. It is actually a violation of your marriage vows. If she didn't want to have sex, she shouldn't have agreed to get married, but now it's too late. She has to face this and work this out with you - no matter how uncomfortable it may be to talk about it.

It's okay to push the issue (nicely and calmly - anger is anti-romantic) - if it's important to you. If she's denying you intimacy, you're not married - you're roommates.

I don't know you or your wife, so there could be any number of reasons she is having a challenge with, but in my experience it's usually something that can easily be resolved.

For example, she may just need more time to warm up. She may be someone who needs 24hrs warning so she can plan to have sex with you. No doesn't always mean "no". Most times, it means "not right now, but maybe later."

Contact me. I'd be glad to help you troubleshoot.