marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Sexual Resolution

Happy New Year all you married lovers out there. Doing your New Year's resolutions together is a GREAT date idea. 

It's free, you can do it at home, it doesn't require a sitter, and it gets you talking, touching and working together. As you write down your New Year's resolutions, as spouses, ask each other this:

"What are your resolutions this year? Could any of them be used to strengthen our eternal relationship? If either of us feel our sexual intimacy is lacking, in what ways can we improve and make it more fun?

In what other ways could we modify our list to ensure we are doing things to strengthen our relationship this year - things such as temple attendance, regular dates, pillow talk time, prayer and scripture study together, touching, being more mindful to be nice to each other...etc?

Perfection may not be attained in mortality, but as Steven Covey said "A goal not written down, is just a wish." 

Perfecting a marriage takes time, practice, patience, trying, and forgiveness - all our eternal lives, but OH, the rewards. 

Happy dating!  

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