marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, January 30, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- It starts with a kiss

HAPPY CONTINUE - THE - COURTSHIP NIGHT all you married lovers out there! 

Here is your totally free stuck - at - home date night idea:


There are SO many different ways to kiss and you (now that you're married) have a permanent girlfriend/boyfriend to practice on whenever you like and without all the anxiety that comes with dating as a single person.

Take tonight to look up on the Internet all the different ways to kiss and then try it. May I suggest starting with the link shown above. To add to the fun, check your oral hygiene, make a plate of sliced apples, chocolate, and your favorite sugar-free soft drink. Happy dating!

 The Different Types of Kissing

Friday, January 23, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Afterglow

 For me, this is one of those activities that go in the category of "things you can only do when you're married". It's awesome being part of an exclusive club of married folks who keep sex sacred and honor their marriage covenants.

Here's a quick all the fun and none of the guilt idea for a date night, or for any time you have married sex and want to do something silly and fun.

Glow in the dark lipstick!

Yes! it does exist. It's usually sold around Halloween time, but you may still be able to find it at your local supermarket or party store. It goes on clear and doesn't show until you turn the lights off.

Put it on your lips, draw in your eyes and nose. If it's safe to put on your lips, it's safe to put on any other part of your body. It really does work and is cheap! If you want to spend a little more, there are other glow in the dark makeup products too.

Use your imagination. Most importantly, do it together.

Happy Dating!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Just Do It


Is your marriage a prison sentence, or an eternity of blissful and joyful opportunities? It's all in how you look at it, isn't it? 

Tonight, do your favorite thing to do together. It doesn't matter what it is...just do it.

"Incompatibility is never the real reason for a divorce. It's a reason for breakup of a dating relationship...The real reason is likely to be that neither attended to the relationship. Perhaps one or both threw themselves into parenting, or a job. They stopped doing the things that they did when dating and that couples need to do to thrive as parents - take time for conversation, talk about how their day went or what's on their mind. Or perhaps the real love was undermined by the inability to handle conflict.

If you get to the point where you're delivering an ultimatum, you haven't been maintaining your relationship properly. It's like your car stopping on the side of the road and you say, 'It just isn't working anymore' - but you haven't changed the oil in 10 years.

What makes people the right mates for each other - is the willingness of both partners to be open and vulnerable; to listen and care about each other."

~ Doherty, Bradbury, Webber, "Are You With The Right Mate", Psychology Today, Feb 2012 pg 63

Friday, January 9, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Melting Together

Happy Continue-The-Courtship Night!

Tonight it's his turn and, as a guy, I like to think I'm pretty practical. I prefer practical things. 

As Mark Gungor teaches, we men have our 'nothing' box in our mind and we like to visit there as often as possible. (Gungor, 2012) Which can mean we enjoy things that allow us to focus and not have to think about anything.

The less we have to think, the more we like it, especially if the day was stressful. It allows us time to clear our minds, release the stress, and re-energize. Add some comfort and/or physical touch into the mix and you have a great date for a guy.

So, try this great stuck-at-home date idea:

Make Candles

They don't have to be huge. Wax, molds, and instructions can be purchased at a hobby store. It makes for great conversation, is something you do together, and lots of opportunity to touch each other.

Here is the practical part. You can use the finished product to give to home teaching families, friends and/or neighbors as gifts, or you can use them to set a romantic ambiance - maybe for when it's her turn again.  

For some easy step-by-step instructions, check out this video. There are also some other great easy-to-follow candle-making videos at YouTube. One thing I do recommend though is NOT to use your own dishes. You can pick up some old pots from a garage sale or thrift store for this purpose.  
Happy Dating!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Sexual Resolution

Happy New Year all you married lovers out there. Doing your New Year's resolutions together is a GREAT date idea. 

It's free, you can do it at home, it doesn't require a sitter, and it gets you talking, touching and working together. As you write down your New Year's resolutions, as spouses, ask each other this:

"What are your resolutions this year? Could any of them be used to strengthen our eternal relationship? If either of us feel our sexual intimacy is lacking, in what ways can we improve and make it more fun?

In what other ways could we modify our list to ensure we are doing things to strengthen our relationship this year - things such as temple attendance, regular dates, pillow talk time, prayer and scripture study together, touching, being more mindful to be nice to each other...etc?

Perfection may not be attained in mortality, but as Steven Covey said "A goal not written down, is just a wish." 

Perfecting a marriage takes time, practice, patience, trying, and forgiveness - all our eternal lives, but OH, the rewards. 

Happy dating!