marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Continue - The - Courtship Night --- All Saints Day Eve

It's hard to pick just one idea for a Halloween Date - because there are SO many.

It's a night for the kids, but that doesn't mean there can't be some Mama and Papa time in there too.

All Saints Day Eve is a perfect time for some fantasy and role play in the bedroom - because there are some fun costume ideas all around you and many are very cheap, and many of them are probably only appropriate for a married couple's bedroom anyway. 

Wearing them to a costume party would be provocative and profane YES! But, a husband and wife wearing them (in the bedroom) to arouse each other is sacred erotica and a sacred wholesome activity!  Reclaim that birthright from the world.

fishnet stockings
Buttless chaps
Cowboy/Cowgirl costumes
Shepherd boy/girl costumes
French maid

Write your own fantasy and playing out together, or make it up as you go along. Be hammy and make it fun.

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