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marriage bed symbol

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Reader Asks, "Don't Erotic Words Offend The Spirit?"

Chris asked...
“I think that's kind of odd to talk about erotic words that do not offend the Spirit. I just wonder what words would have an erotic meaning and not offending the Spirit?”

Coach Sam said...
Great question Chris, and thank you for reading.

When speaking or referring to erotic or sexual words, I try to think of it in the same context as the name of God or our Savior Jesus Christ.

Their names are sacred. That doesn't mean their names can't be spoken ever and if we do it will offend them and the Holy Ghost. If we speak their names in the right context and with reverence,  not only does it not offend the Spirit, but allows Him to testify of them.

I feel the same is true for sexual or erotic words. The Spirit is only offended when we use them in an irreverent or defiling (profane) manner.

Using an erotic term to arouse your spouse, or communicate with them what you want or need is a reverent use of those words and shouldn't offend the Spirit. These include a sexual act or sexual part of the body.

However, discuss with your spouse what words are erotic for them. In the culture your spouse grew up in, there may have been sexual words that were designed to be offensive, and their use will offend the Spirit - because of the intent of the heart.

On the other hand,  a term may be offensive to your spouse, but not to you. Let them know what it means to you and that it's the only word you can think of to clearly communicate what you want or need in your sexual relationship.

Also let them know that you will use it reverently and in the correct context.

Who knows, your spouse may already have a term that better communicates to them what you are trying to achieve.