marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Continue-The-Courtship Night (At Home) - Sacred Massage

Happy Continue-The-Courtship Night all you married lovers out there! 

Here's your weekend stuck-at-home date idea:

Sacred massage? Sure! Anything we do intimately in our eternal marriages is sacred. Massage is a good way to get in touch with each other's bodies, as well as improving each other's emotional well-being, physical health and sexual health. 

Give each other a full-body massage, towels and oils and all. If exposing your body to your spouse fills you with anxiety, maybe you could talk about your feelings, or start with a massage of non-sexual areas, working your way towards something more intimate later. 

Remember, intimacy is a journey, not a destination, and regular dates must be a conscious decision. The Adversary will play on our desire to slack off and let dates slide. Like the gospel, it may not easy, and requires planning, but it pays off over time. 

There are several videos on YouTube and Howcast that show massage techniques. Brethren, the fastest way to your wife's vagina, is through her heart. The fastest way to touch her heart is through her feet. I know of few wives who wouldn't love a good foot massage, and sadly there are few husbands willing to give them. 

Sexual technique number one: Become a master of the foot massage.