marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, December 5, 2014

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) --- Christmas Quickies and Cookies

A Very Merry Continue-The-Courtship Night everyone! (It's fun being a member of an exclusive club of married folks)

"Couples should work toward complete mutual fulfillment in every lovemaking experience, but sometimes that may not be possible due to energy and/or time constraints. You may both decide to enjoy a "quickie" together when only a few moments are available or when one of you isn't in the mood for 'gourmet' sex.

A quickie most likely will not provide sufficient time and/or stimulation for the wife to reach orgasm, but if your attitude is right and circumstances are such, a quickie can be like a little gift. Quickies can be okay, as long as they are mutually agreed upon and do not become the regular fare." (Laura M. Brotherson,2004)

Tonight's activity: Have a quickie, and bake some Christmas cookies together.
Here's a fun video of how to make these easy quick Linzer Christmas cookies or Italian Christmas cookies made with anise. 

Fun Fact: Did you that our sexual desire and food appetite are governed by the same part of the brain? The Lymbic System! So naturally, this is an excellent way to satisfy both parts of this part of the brain and get some extra dopamine - the wellbeing chemical.

Happy dating!


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