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Friday, November 7, 2014

Continue - The - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Wholesome Sex Toys

YEA! It's Continue-The-Courtship Night!

Tonight it's his turn:

It's not totally free, but doesn't have to be terribly expensive either. Shop for and try out a new sex toy together.  

I've not found anything in gospel doctrine or the scriptures that prohibit the use of  any apparatus or device in marital sexually intimate activities. In fact, just the opposite. I believe all creations and inventions are inspired by our Father in Heaven and are for the intent to do good. 

It is the Adversary who inspires their use for evil. Sex toys are an excellent example. There are many couples who (due to physical disabilities or limitations) struggle to have sexually intimate relations with their spouse, or are incapable of reaching the full sexually bonding experience without the aid of a sex toy. 

We keep the use of these tools sacred by using them in the bonds of marriage to bring a couple closer together and strengthen their eternal relationship.
It would be a good idea to discuss first how you both feel about using it and any concerns. Practice being open-minded and respectful of each other's feelings. The gadget can be for you or him or both.

Discuss how you would go about getting what you want. I recommend going online as opposed to going to a store. If you do go online, look for a vendor that is tastefully done, (ie. no nudity, profane language, etc...), tastefully displayed, and won't send you flyers in the mail.

I recommend Simply Sweet Marriage.Com as a good guide for the type of vendors that are respectful of you and the sacredness of sexuality. They also give good descriptions and definitions of the items you're considering.

No, I don't get a kick back (though I probably should  :-)  ), but I'm always willing to promote anyone who put the sacred above worldliness.

If this brings up concerns you can't resolve together, drop me a line @

Happy Dating!


Anonymous said...

I'm all for using sex toys in my marriage. However, my wife isn't as enthusiastic as me and finds sex toys somewhat inappropriate and unnecessary. How does one go about helping their spouse overcome any inhibitions towards the use of these devices?

CoachSam said...

Dear Anon Sept 23rd,

Thank you for your question and for reading.

The answer largely depends on the overall health of your relationship.

My first question would be if you both feel like you are friends. Are you still courting each other? Going on regular meaningful dates?

If the answer is good and "yes", then as friends I would encourage you to talk with your wife about where these beliefs come from. Who told her they were inappropriate and/or unnecessary in marriage?

She may either not realize that this is permissible in marriage, or she may be feeling pressured. She may be telling you that she needs more information, sometime to be allowed to warm up to the idea, and for the decision to be hers to try the new toy.

No doesn't always mean "no". She may just want to know what you're planning on coming at her body with.