marriage bed symbol

marriage bed symbol

Friday, August 15, 2014

Continue - the - Courtship Night (At Home) -- Frenching

Happy Continue-the-Courtship Night!

No excuses, and no combining. Date night deserves its own sacred activity; consecrated for the purpose of strengthening and protecting the eternal marital relationship. Driving to a friend's house, or doing your bills or weekly shopping trip together can be a date night if that is something fun for you and you focus on talking with each other.

 If it is something that generally causes you or your spouse stress, it's important to avoid these activities for date night. Couples should avoid anything that could subconsciously cause them to associate date night with stress.

Set up the children with an activity that they enjoy and will keep them safe and occupied for at least two hours. Playing a video game, watching a movie, board games, all these with snacks...or an early bed time is appropriate as well. Date night should not to be combined with Family Home Evening. Find a way to distract them for at least two hours.

Then, have a French night! Watch a French movie, eat fondue or chicken stuffed crepes with a white sauce and french bread, enjoy some French pastry like chocolate croissants or eclairs, and french kiss all night. Be creative and see what other French flair you can add to the date, like doing your hair up in a French braid and wearing a French manicure. Or dressing like French aristocrats from 1700's. Have fun with it!

Happy Dating! :0)

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