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marriage bed symbol

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Four Marriage Killers

In my earlier blogs I talked about how marriage is a religious institution. What I mean by that is that marriage can only work and be happy if built upon the principles that God gives to us. It was established by God from the beginning and was created for the intent to help us (as His children) to grow, progress and become more like Him.

Even if a person doesn’t believe in God, if that person wants his/her marriage to succeed and be happy they will find themselves living the eternal principles of God, whether they recognize the source or not. Principles such as patience, charity, trust, love, compassion and forgiveness are universal to all religions and creeds, because they are the basic principles of peace and happiness.

Satan doesn’t want marriages to succeed, and for good reason. Here we find some of our greatest joys. We provide bodies for God’s children through sacred sexual union. We are required to be Christ-like with each other. Marriage is a tool that helps us become like God.

When we live by principles that are contrary to the gospel, our marriages sicken and are not happy. A couple may wind up living as mere roommates. They may be married in name only and living separate lives. The doors of infidelity are always open. Abuse may be the norm. Intimacy and courtship are neglected, or simply don’t exist. Any love that used to exist in the marriage may also die. Separation is inevitable in such a marriage, even if the couple physically remain together.

Being Christian doesn't make us immune from being influenced by the adversary’s voice. In fact, we are probably under more attack from Satan and his followers because we are trying to be like Christ. More than anything, he wants families and marriages to fail.

The most popular instruments (I have observed) that he uses to devastate marriages are what I call the four marriage killers: 
and Selfishness

In my interviews with couples that are struggling, I have found that these are often the main underlying causes that lead to a couple having difficulty becoming or staying intimate and sexual with each other.

Click on the links to see these four marriage killers, along with strategies on how to counter them.

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